Track Meet Sunday!

Hello, blog followers! Apologies for not posting yesterday- the bloggers had a day off! Today was an exciting day at Camp Asto Wamah. It was our traditional mid-session track meet. After an energizing breakfast of cereal, blueberry bread, and fresh watermelon, the campers went to the A-field for a morning of running, jumping, and throwing, instead of regular morning classes. The camp was split into two teams--white and green. In groups of hilltop, lakeside, and seniors, they rotated between the running long jump, the standing long jump, the softball throw, and the 50-yard dash. First, second, and third place were awarded for each event, and each place earned a point for the camper's team, green or white. While everyone got into the spirit of team competitiveness, they remembered their sportsmanship and cheered on all their fellow campers. To cool off, we had a quick general swim before a delicious dinner of ham, noodles, corn, squash, and bread, with apple turnovers for dessert. Everyone recharged during rest hour, getting ready for an active afternoon. Following rest hour, campers had the option of running the "marathon," a race starting at the A-field and going down part of the camp road, finishing in front of cabin 5 for a total of about at half mile. Lots of fast runners showed up for the challenge--it was an exciting race! After the marathon, we had swim races. As with the marathon, campers could choose whether or not they wanted to participate. Most people did, and everyone showed great effort!

Following these races, we had some regular afternoon activities, with a general swim and activity period.

Supper was hamburgers, chips, and applesauce, with green and white cake for dessert. Campers had a little time to digest before evening program, and then we began to set up the Indian War Relay, a relay that starts at the top of the camp road and continues into the lake with boaters and swimmers. Most campers were chosen to be runners-- they relayed the baton down the camp road to the lake, where the rest of the campers--boaters, canoers, and swimmers-- brought it home to main dock. Green team won with a big lead, but white team made a valiant effort!

After the excitement of the race, campers cooled off in another general swim, before going off to bed. Everyone will sleep well tonight!

Until tomorrow,

-the Birch Blogger