Fantastic Friday!

Today was a wonderful day at Camp Asto Wamah! The campers loved the breakfast of oatmeal,cereal, and English muffins. Cabins finished eating and went to get their cabin photos taken in front of the lodge. They all looked fresh and campy! Photos can be purchased on the last day of camp. The campers enjoyed their regular morning classes, despite the chillier weather! They continue to show progress and some boaters are already ready to pass into the next (more advanced) level.

Dinner was Italiano- ziti, baguettes, and salad, followed by peaches for dessert. During rest hour for the campers, LT's practiced their lifeguarding. They worked on water escapes and rescue boarding. The whole camp went in for a general swim, as the wind picked up! Fourth Period was ideal weather for our sailors, while our poor beginning boaters suffered a tad bit. For activity period, the same favorite activities were offered with the addition of boating on the Hunter. Ten lucky campers who had signed up got to ride around the lake on our biggest sailboat with counselors Michael and Greg.

The nurse chose cabins 1, 5, and 7 as today's inspection winners before supper this evening. It was a cozy night for grilled cheese, tomato soup, applesauce, and chips. Dessert was chocolate cake with vanilla icing and caramel drizzle! YUM! Tonight's evening program will be a dodgeball game called, King Dodge! The campers, once out, form a line behind the opposing team and are able to return to the game if they hit an opposing team member from behind.

Tonight the campers will be ready for a good nights sleep!

Til tomorrow!

-The Birch Blogger