Thrilling Thursday!

Today, we awoke to a bit of rain and thunder, which made for a cozy morning. Campers came right to the lodge (no chicken fat!) for a breakfast of cornbread and cereal. Cabin cleanup and camp duties were done in the continuing storm, but by 10, the weather had cleared, so boating and swimming classes got to go in the lake! Dinner was Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes, and corn, with frozen juice cherry popsicles for dessert.

The afternoon became hot and sunny, so campers really enjoyed their general swim. 4th period was held as usual, followed by Activity Period. Activities included jumping off the tower, nuke 'em, soccer, and badminton.

Supper tonight was pizza, applesauce, and chips, with chocolate pudding pie, a camp favorite, for dessert! Yum!

As I write, campers are hearing rules for an evening program of Pirates, many campers' favorite game! Campers will be divided into two teams, and each team will walk around camp trying to find the other team's treasure, hit the other team with "guns" (rags filled with flour), and collect litter for points. It is sure to be a swashbuckling good game!

Talk to you tomorrow!

-the Birch Blogger