Day Three!!!

Good Evening Blog Followers! Today camp began with bagels and cereal, followed by a normal morning schedule.  Dinner was chicken fingers, rice, carrots, green beans, and pears for dessert. The afternoon got pretty exciting starting at general swim, when a clap of thunder prevented everyone from going in the lake.  As a light rain began, campers and staff gathered in the upper lodge for a game of counselor trivia. Cabins competed to find the answers to staff trivia questions. We all learned a lot about each other! Following the game, we were able to let the boats out on the lake, but sports classes played team building games in the upper lodge. Activity period was a mix of playing board games and making sandwiches for supper. Today was the kitchen's evening off, so it was our traditional "eat- out" night, where campers take a picnic basket to various locations around camp.  Unfortunately, the looming storm prevented campers from traveling to their spots outside, so cabins ate at their normal tables in the lodge. The LT's led us in some songs, following a delicious meal! Saturday and next Wednesday will be other opportunities to eat with a great scenery! Tonight's evening program was a reverse scavenger hunt. The campers had to bring 10 items to the lodge to use as props for various skits. Hilltop, Lakeside, and Seniors competed separately but all performed spectacularly! Funniest skits included counselor impersonations, American Idol, zombie apocalypse, and safari adventure. They got to go in for a quick dip before bed since the weather has cleared for the time being.

See you tomorrow!

-The Birch Blogger