Happy Tuesday!

Today campers awoke feeling refreshed from a cooler night's sleep. The day began with a breakfast of blueberry bread and cereal. A normal morning schedule followed. Beginning boaters had their first chance to row today! Dinner was meatloaf, mashed potatoes, bread, and string beans and summer squash from a farm across the lake! Dessert was cherry jello with whipped topping.

After a restful hour, campers enjoyed their general swim in the lake. Fourth period followed as usual, and Activity Period brought some exciting outdoor activities. Nuke 'em, badminton, aquarium games, and jumping off the tower were the highlights.

Supper was tacos, applesauce, and chips. Dessert was a delicious orange cake topped with vanilla frosting and chocolate drizzle.

Now, campers are preparing for a game of Spies and Smugglers! Half the campers, the smugglers, will be given paper with a certain number of points to smuggle from the lodge to the A-field. Popular smuggling strategies include hiding the paper in secret pockets, and/or running as fast as possible to avoid being tagged by the spies. The spies will try to catch the smugglers and guess where their paper is hidden. Spies have three guesses, and if they do not find the paper, the smugglers continue on their way. It is sure to be an exciting game!

Until tomorrow,

-the Birch Blogger