First Full Day of Boys Camp!

Welcome back blog followers! Today was the first full day of the session. Campers awoke at 7:30 to the wake up bell, and cabin cookees left at 7:45 to set their tables.  At 8 am all campers gathered at the flagpole for the pledge and Wamah chicken fat (our morning stretches).  Today breakfast was waffles with the option of peanut butter, butter, or syrup, although the wamah tradition is to top them with the peanut butter! YUM! They also had cantaloupe,  orange slices, orange juice, and hot chocolate.  They had plenty of energy to get them through the busy morning. The next part of the morning routine was cabin cleanup and camp duties. The campers helped to straighten their  bunks, sweep under bunks, and make the clothesline neat and tidy. The camp duties included: sweeping the lodge, collecting trash, and helping to clean the bathrooms. The class periods started promptly at 10am and went until noon.  In arts and crafts, campers got to choose between multiple exciting projects, including, friendship bracelets, pillows, gimp, basket making with Carol, and beaded bracelets with Drew.  One of our counselors is going on a trip to Africa next week so the bracelets made during their arts and crafts period will be brought to the children she meets abroad. We hope to give her many to take with her!

The sports classes played nuke 'em, a dodgeball game, and swimmers worked on their strokes as their teachers observed their skill level. Boaters went over the safety rules and parts of the boat.

At dinner, our big noontime meal, the campers feasted on ravioli, salad, and baguettes. They followed the meal with chocolate pudding and whipped cream.   Following lunch, campers bought candy from the store and then enjoyed an hour of quiet relaxation in their bunks. Once the hour was up, campers were more than happy to jump in the lake for general swim. Fourth period came next, and campers went to whichever class they didn't have in the morning.  The next period of the day was activity period, a free period during which various activities are offered by the counselors. Today's activities included soccer, badminton, jumping off the tower, and aquarium games.

Before supper, the inspection winners, the neatest cabins, were announced. Today's winners included cabin 3, cabin old 6, and cabin 6. The campers enjoyed a supper of chicken patties and chips, with cheesecake for dessert.  Tonight the evening program, a camp-wide game, will most likely be capture the flag. It is sure to be a riveting experience.

Until tomorrow! -The Birch Blogger