Welcome to Boys Camp 2013!

Today marked the beginning of Session 2! In the afternoon heat and humidity, the boys moved their trunks into their cabins and met their counselors and cabin-mates. Cabin groups played introductory games and got settled as we waited for the last campers to arrive. Once everyone was here, campers and staff gathered in the council ring to listen to camp rules, staff introductions, and general swim safety measures. Before we could have our general swim, new campers had to be evaluated and placed into swim levels. Then, everyone was able to cool off and enjoy the refreshing lake water for the first time! After our swim, it was time for supper. We had hot dogs, tater tots, baked beans, and pickles, with brownies for dessert. Yum! Campers were introduced to Wamah table etiquette. Everyone helped to pass food around the table, bring food to and from the kitchen (with pleases and thank yous), and clean plates for the dishwasher.

Now, campers are enjoying our traditional first night evening program- Medical War, a dodgeball game. Hopefully there will be time for a quick dip in the lake before bed! Counselors will help their cabins get ready to sleep by reading a book aloud. After so much activity, Wamah will be quiet tonight.

Until tomorrow,

-the Birch Blogger