Happy Monday!

Today was a hot one! We began the day with a delicious breakfast of cereal, melon, and cinnamon bread. We returned to our regular morning schedule today, with boating, swimming, arts and crafts, and sports classes. Everyone drank lots of water to stay hydrated, and boating classes stayed cool by taking a dip in the lake before heading out to row. Canoeing and sailing classes practiced capsizing, something everyone loves to practice on a hot day! Dinner was a camp favorite- lasagna, baguettes, and salad, with strawberry jello for dessert. Yum!

The afternoon was spent in the water as much as possible. After a refreshing general swim, sports classes stayed in the lake to play water games instead of going up to the A-field. For activity period, many campers jumped off the tower or played aquarium games, while others braved the dry A-field for games of nuke 'em and ultimate frisbee.

Everyone met at the flagpole before supper to hear today's cabin inspection winners- cabins 1, old 6, and 8! Supper was chicken fajitas- tortillas filled with chicken, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, sour cream, and peppers and onions. Dessert was apple crisp- one of the best!

Now, campers are getting ready for an evening program of general swim. After cooling off before bed, everyone will sleep well tonight!

'Til tomorrow,

-the Birch Blogger