First Full Day!

Today campers awoke to the smell of warm cornbread wafting from the lodge. Cookees got up at 7:45 to set their cabins' tables, and everyone met at the flag pole at 8 for flag raising and Chicken Fat- our morning stretches. They ate their hearty breakfast and then went off to do their cabin and camp duties. Everyone straightened their bunks and helped sweep the cabin first, before doing various jobs around camp, including sweeping the lodge, collecting trash, and helping to clean the bathrooms. After camp was tidied, it was time for morning classes. Campers rotated between swimming, boating, arts and crafts, and sports. In swimming, campers showed their teachers their skills and began to improve. In boating, campers learned about boat safety and parts of the boat. In arts and crafts, campers made journals/scrapbooks to use to record their time at camp. In sports, campers played a few games in the lodge to be active while avoiding the rain. We understand that parts of CT got hit very badly with storms, but we were lucky to have only a few downpours- no thunder or lightning!

Campers had some free time before dinner, our big mid-day meal. They played knock-hockey and tetherball, went fishing, and some even took a shower! Dinner was chicken fingers with green beans, rice, and bread, with mini apple pies for dessert.

After dinner, it was time for store and Rest Hour. Campers bought candy and any necessary items such as stamps and batteries from the store, and then spent an hour of quiet activity and rest in their bunks. Campers read, listened to music, wrote letters, or napped in order to feel refreshed for the afternoon activities.

After Rest Hour, we were lucky to be able to go in the lake for General Swim, a free-swim for the whole camp. Next, campers went to whatever class (swimming, boating, arts and crafts, or sports) they did not go to in the morning. Campers then enjoyed their first Activity Period, a time during which counselors offer various activities and campers can choose what they would like to do. Today, activities included various board games in the lodge and zumba!

Supper was pizza, salad, and applesauce, with cherry cake for dessert!

Now, campers are preparing for an evening program of spies and smugglers! After a rainy day, it will be good to run around outside and get out any extra energy  before bed.

Until tomorrow,

-the Birch Blogger