Day 2!!

Today began with a brighter sky than yesterday! Everyone enjoyed a breakfast of cereal and French toast sticks and then went to camp/cabin duties. Morning classes all ran as planned and campers are adjusted to the daily routine! HOORAY! Today in sports classes, the campers played nuke 'em, a dodge ball game. In boating, campers got their first chances to row, canoe, or sail. The swimmers are perfecting strokes and are making great progress. In arts and crafts, campers began to make pillows, friendship bracelets, weavings, and  baskets.  Dinner was a scrumptious meal of Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes, and green beans. Dessert was red jello and whipped cream. Rest hour was a nice break before a general swim, during which the sun made its first appearance. Activity period today included more nuke 'em, badminton, zumba, sailing, and paddle-boarding.  Supper was grilled cheese, tomato soup, and chips followed by apple crisp for dessert, a camp favorite!!!!

Tonight evening program was medical war, another dodge ball game, since it got rained out the first night. Campers played an intense game and got nice and warm, so they all went in for a quick dip after. They enjoyed a refreshing snack of watermelon and went straight to bed.

-The Birch Blogger(Check back here tomorrow for the latest updates!)