Session 1 Begins!

Today we welcomed a wonderful group of campers to Asto Wamah for our co-ed session! After moving their belongings into cabins and saying goodbye to their families, children began to get to know their cabin-mates and counselors. Each cabin played a game that helped everyone learn each others' names. Counselors also took their cabins on a tour of camp, showing and explaining where campers would be going for their activities and classes. After this, the whole camp met outside in the counsel ring to listen to some important camp rules and staff introductions. We are already impressed at what good listeners they are! Catherine, our waterfront director, explained all about swimming classes and how to behave in the water, and then all new campers got to show us their swimming skills in order to be correctly placed in a swimming level. While the air got a bit chilly, the water was nice and warm! For supper tonight, we had hot dogs, tater tots, and baked beans, with delicious brownies for dessert! For many new campers, Sue's excellent cooking is already becoming a favorite part of camp!

As I write, campers are getting ready for evening program, a game that all of camp plays together. Tonight, we are hoping for no rain so we can play our traditional first-night Medical War, a dodge-ball game! After the game, campers will get ready for bed, and counselors will read to their cabins to help everyone relax and get ready to sleep. We are all excited for our first full day of camp tomorrow!

-the Birch Blogger