March Update

Greetings To All Asto Wamah Friends, As we look back at February, we see a cold, snowy and challenging month.  Blizzard Charlotte left 30+ inches of snow at Asto Wamah.  It took 2 full days to clear the road.  The half-mile length and the narrowness of the road posed considerable obstacles when it came to plowing.  That aside, the deep snow cover made for a beautiful scene throughout camp.  By now the snow is patchy with lots of ground showing.  Hope you were able to see the pictures (posted on the website soon after the storm) that showed the winter wonderland scenes at camp.

Columbia Lake was covered with an 11 inch layer of ice at the start of February.  Ice fishermen dotted the icy surface, sitting for hours awaiting a bite.  Unfortunately for the ice enthusiasts, Charlotte’s deep snow ruined the ice and since then the fishing has stopped as the ice has become thinner.  By the end of the month there were large areas of open water and the ice near shore was thin and breaking up.

February at camp is best known for the start of camper registration.  This year applications flooded in during the first weeks of February.  By the 12th, there were no openings left in the July 21st session.  Within a few days the waiting list had grown.  The good news is that the other 3 sessions (coed, boys and the Aug 4th all girls) still have plenty of room.   If you or a friend has still not registered, it is not too late.  We would love to have you at camp this summer.   Application forms can be downloaded from the website.

The hiring of summer staff is another very important part of February.  Many of 2012’s staff will be returning as well as members of last summer’s LT groups.   We are very fortunate to have so many talented, capable and loyal young adults who are interested in working at Asto Wamah.  This summer’s staff will be outstanding, ready to assure each camper a successful and valuable experience.

Spring will be here in 3 weeks.  That means summer cannot be far off.  I hope your summer plans include a session (or two) at Asto Wamah!


Nancy Maclean