April Update

Greetings to all Asto Wamah Followers, I must say that leaving March behind is a happy thing.  Winter certainly didn’t want to let CT go.  Believe it or not, but the A-Field was 80% covered with snow on 3/28.  Many places where the snow has melted, mud remains.  I am nevertheless optimistic about the weather going forward and can see signs of spring throughout camp.  This is an exciting time of year in that everyday the woods change, moving away from bare branches to more and more green.  By the end of the month CAW will look almost as green and lush it does in the summer.

Probably the most noticeable change is in the level of the lake.  If you compare the pictures I sent in the previous months with these current ones, you will see how much Columbia Lake has risen.  Both rafts are now floating and the “beach” is shrinking every day.  I am confident and delighted that the water will be up to its normal level for the summer.

With April here, it feels as though the camp season is right around the corner.  The improving conditions for outside work mean that painting and clean-up tasks can soon begin.  This will be a busy month with lots of projects to tackle to get camp ready for the campers and staff who will be arriving in 3 months.

Enrollment is still growing with just a few places left in the girl coed (June 30 – July 6) and a few more in boys (July7 to July 20) and second girls (Aug. 4 to Aug. 17).   If you have friends or relatives interested in Asto Wamah, please send them to the website: www.campastowamah.org or have them call me for information and a brochure (860-649-8614).  Thanks for your help!

As the days get longer and warmer, I cannot help but think of camp and the fun times that lay ahead.  Hope you too are excited about and looking forward to your stay at Asto Wamah in 2013.

Stay well,

NancyLake-View-3 Lake-View-2 Lake-View-1