February Update

Dear Friends of Asto Wamah, It is hard to believe that January is over.  It was an interesting month in Columbia with its great fluctuation in temperature.  At one point, 11 inches of ice covered the lake and everywhere snow blanketed the ground.  For several days, ice fishermen dotted the ice, sitting and waiting to catch their dinners.  Then the fog and unusually warm temperatures arrived.  The ice broke up, the snow disappeared and the road and parking area became muddy.  Now the question is, what will February bring?

On Friday, February 1st, the 2013 Asto Wamah brochures were mailed.  Within a few days the applications will start to arrive and the new season will be off and running.  If your brochure has not arrived by the 5th please call (860-649-8614) or EMAIL me.  Things do get lost in the mail.  Some sessions are quick fillers so in order to get the session you want you may have t o work fast. Please let me know of friends, relatives or any child that might enjoy time at Asto Wamah this summer and I will get a brochure off to him/her.  You each are the best form of advertising Asto Wamah has.  Thank you for spreading the word!

Included with this Blog are now 4 winter pictures. The first 2 were taken at the every end of January from Fisherman's dock. One is to the left.  Can you see the bouys for the rowboats floating in the thin ice?  The other looks toward the Main Dock. The other 2 were taken on February 13th right after the Blizzard.  These photos show a very different lake than the one we enjoy in the summer.  Soon the gate at the dam will be shut and the lake will begin to rise.  In March I will take pictures to show the progress.Icy Lake Main Dock Icey Lake Old Cabin 6

All of us at CAW hope to see each of you this summer,