Another Successful Summer

Dear Asto Wamahites,Another successful summer is now complete.  Over the 7 weeks we enjoyed 313 enthusiastic campers and a total staff of 73 loyal and hard working men and women.  Our days were filled with activities, challenges and fun as relationships were formed and a community of individuals grew into a team. The weather, although extra hot and humid, was kind to us as we were spared a number of storms that brushed by.  The level of Columbia Lake, that initially appeared as a problem, caused us to hardly miss a beat.  Thanks to creative thinking, accommodations were made and swimming and small craft took place as usual. The new “green” bathroom was a huge success.  The 6 composting toilets were clearly the first choice of campers and staff.  There was no odor and the facility was so easily maintained, clean and comfortable.   Because of this additional bathroom, the old one was less stressed and as a result worked flawless throughout the 7 weeks. We received much positive feedback about the Blog.  Gillian Carella and Kelsey Baumgarten were the major authors and deserve the credit.  We plan to augment the Blog in 2013 with pictures. We trust that all CAW participants will enter into their fall activities with added confidence. Hope your last days of summer are good ones and your memories of Asto Wamah bring a smile to your face. Always, Nancy