October Update

Greetings to All Friends of Asto Wamah, October is here and it is time to update the blog with news from camp.

September is typically a quiet (even lonely) month at Asto Wamah especially when comparing it to the three previous months.  We were extremely happy that September 2012 came with no extreme weather events.  It saves us a lot of time if we do not have fallen trees and storm damage to deal with.

As in the rest of CT, the days are now cooler and that makes for good conditions for doing a lot of the tasks we undertake at this time of year.  Power washing buildings and maintaining the road are always necessary in September. Minor repairs such as a kick-plate on the infirmary door, a new mailbox (the old one was knocked down), repairing oarlock holders and painters on the rowboats, removing brush, mowing the field and cleaning the walk-ins so that they can be locked for the winter are a sampling of the type of jobs that keep us busy.

Probably the first and most important event at the end of the summer season is the bringing in of the rowboats and the rafts.  This year the procedure had to be adjusted for the rafts because of the low lake level.  Usually the rafts spend winter tethered to Little Dipper and Pollywog docks.  But this year there was not enough water at either location to allow us to pull them in far enough to be free of the ice that eventually will form on the lake.  The Main Dock was the only location the rafts could be floated to.  That is where they now are, soon to settle on the bottom when Columbia Lake is drained off to its winter level in a few weeks.

Can you see from the photos where all the rowboats (with the exception of the one that is ON the Main Dock) and the two rafts are located?  We hope they will have an uneventful and safe hibernation.

We trust that school, sports and all other facets of your life are going well and you are content.  Now that the days are clearly getting shorter and summer can seem like a long time ago we hope your memories of Asto Wamah still make you smile.