The End! :(

Well blog followers, it has been a great pleasure writing about the exciting happenings of summer at Camp Asto Wamah, but the end is finally upon us.  Today campers awoke to sunshine and cool breezes. As they sat down to a lovely breakfast table with platters of blueberry bread, oatmeal, cereal, orange slices, and hot chocolate/orange juice awaiting them, campers reflected upon how important and meaningful these past two weeks have been.  Don't be surprised, parents, if you arrive tomorrow and don't recognize the responsible, considerate, and compassionate young ladies waiting for you :D The daily schedule was a little altered today due to the clean-up and pack-up of camp. Senior superstars and sailors cleaned the boats and many helpers were needed to clean up arts and crafts. First period was also different because swimmers level 6 and above got to swim out to frog island and collect a rock from the bottom of the lake.  They will also get to sign the frog island log book, which has names of previous swimmers dating back many years.

Dinner was a fabulous meal of Texas Hash (ground beef, onion, rice, tomatoes, and spice!) and salad. For dessert we had Mexican pastries similar in style to a churro! YUM!!! Then we had our usual Rest HOUR!! Next campers had their last general swim! Tear :(

As I write to you now, campers are solving a mystery. One of the counselors has been murdered by another counselor (Never Fear! no counselors were actually injured for the purposes of this game). Campers are split into groups and are walking all over camp to find counselors and hear their alibis.  The counselor whose alibi doesn't make sense is the killer!!

Tonight for supper, we will enjoy a leftovers! This will include: mac n'cheese, egg and tuna salad, lasagna, and maybe chocolate cake. Ohhhh!

Then campers will enjoy our evening program of CAMPFIRE!! They will receive awards for swimming, boating,  track and field day,and cabin clean-up.  They will sing songs, eat s'mores, and enjoy the last few hours with each other.

Then they will go to bed and wake up bright and early to finish packing up and preparing for your arrival between 8:30-10am. We look forward to seeing you all then.

-The Birch Blogger <3