Sunday, August 7th

Sorry for the delay tonight! We are continuing the exciting and fun filled day of laughter, smiles, and of course competition! We are on our last activity of Track and Field Day!!

Our day started off with beautiful sunshine and a delicious meal of corn bread and cereal! We had jelly and butter for our spreads this morning. 

Now, instead of going to classes as we usually do, we headed up to the A-field for an exciting morning of there fun events! Each section participated in three different events: the softball throw, the running long jump, and the standing long jump. Once our top three champions were crowned for each event, every camper took part in the 50 yard dash preliminaries! Our top six girls for each section then took part in the finals for the 50 yard finals! 

We then headed down off to a nice general swim and a tasty lunch of lasagna! This was great to fill up on before we went off to a nice and relaxing rest hour! 

As soon as the bell rang ended rest hour our brave souls rushed up to the A-field for our marathon! They started off on the A-field and ran down Corduroy Road to end up half way through the A-field and then all the way down the camp road to the wash stand down on lakeside. Once this was over, every single camper took part in the Indian War Relay! This is a big camp-wide relay race that begins at the top of the camp road with two senior girls starting off the race and then going all the way down to the docks where two sets of swimmers race to get to two sets of rowboats and two sets of canoes and then back to the runners over by Hungerford and then to our final two senior swimmers who swam the entire length of aquarium and intermediate, thus ending our race!

Immediately after our relay, the next bunch of brave souls headed over to the dock to take part in some swim races in their appropriate levels! With our winners crowned, everyone checked in for another general swim!

Activity period followed with a GaGa tournament taking place and the Hunter, our big sail boat, being taken out! Many more games took place and we even got the chance to listen to some of our musically gifted campers play with Curt, our music man, in the upper lodge! 

Cookie bell rang and everyone headed to set the tables for dinner which was meatball subs with applesauce, cucumbers, and chips as sides! Everyone is now up on the A-field listening to rules for our evening program game of Pirates! This game will count for points in our Track and Field day events. This game consist of working with our team to capture the other teams treasure! Trash counts for points as well so we encourage the campers to look for trash around camp! 

Just before rules took place for our evening program game, the staff demonstrated a 440 which is another relay race! This is a race around the A-field. Campers represented their teams in the 440 and the 220!

We hope for nice weather heading into our final week of the session! 

~Allissa Parker