Monday, August 8th

Today was yet another beautiful day filled with excitement!

We awoke this morning to a lovely breakfast of chocolate chip bread which we all quickly devoured! We had cereal to help fill us up along with the bread! We then went back and started cleaning our cabins! It was a fulfilled day with weather that was perfect for just about everything. However, our sailors were a bit disappointed with the lack of wind but for the rest of our boaters everyone as happy! Our swimmers had a great time in the water. We sang songs while trending water and many other classes dove for rings! Arts and crafts has been quite fun for everyone. We have been working hard on our projects with the end of the session growing nearer! Sports class was filled with fun games for everyone.

Lunch was tasty with a meal of meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Many of the campers were surprised at how much they enjoyed the meatloaf when many of them do not like it at home! Dessert was butterscotch pudding which was seen on everyone's table! 

Rest hour went nicely for everyone and our general swim was great because everyone was excited to get into the water! Even our counsellors took a quick dip in the water at the end of our buddy check when all of our campers had been accounted for! 

Fourth period seemed to fly by because everyone seemed excited for activity period! Some of our counsellors offered water aerobics and jumping off the tower! Six lucky girls went off onto the lake on paddle boards and many more played in an intense tournament of tether ball!

After a tiring and exciting activity period, everyone headed up to dinner which was pulled pork sandwiches. Even this was gobbled up by everyone! 

Tonight's evening program will be a fun game known as Murder by Night! This game gives the campers a chance to play the board game Clue in real life! One of our counsellors is on their day off tonight and they are the person that is "killed". The campers have to go around and ask the counsellors where they were and who they were with to figure out if they killed the counsellor that is missing! Everyone has a ton of fun with this game and we are expecting lots of laughter with it!

Hoping for nice weather and high amount of energy to finish out the session!

~Allissa Parker