Tuesday, August 9th

We are so lucky to have such beautiful weather! Today was a chilly morning but we were lucky to have a delicious breakfast of french toast this morning! It was nice to wake us all up and get us ready for the day. 

We started off with something a little different this morning. If a camper was in level 6 or superstars, they were able to have the opportunity to swim out across the lake to Frog Island! This is a part of the lake that is very very shallow and you can actually stand with the water at your knees! This was their first period as opposed to going to their usual first period. Everyone else continued working on their strokes in swim class and boating in hopes of passes in the next few days! Sports class was filled with laughter as we headed to the GaGa pit for some fun rounds while arts and crafts was spent finishing up projects and drawing pictures for the birch barker!

The morning flew by and before we knew it, lunch was here! We had chicken parmesan with pasta, applesauce, and bread for our sides! Everyone as anxious for rest hour to get a little bit of sleep in before the afternoon activities took place! 

Fourth period went by quickly and campers took off to enjoy the fun activities being offered by our counsellors! Campers went off the tower, six went paddle boarding, and in a surprise twist of the weather, the Hunter, our big sail boat, was taken out with incredible wind! Curt helped campers with their talent show acts which will take place tomorrow for evening program and one of our archery instructors held a tournament where we found many new archers!

Dinner went by just as quickly because everyone chowed down on cheese burgers, applesauce, and chips! Dessert was apple crisp which any campers were surprised at how much they enjoyed the dish! 

Our LT's are doing something very special tonight! They will be putting on a carnival for all of us! They all spent a large amount of time and effort into coming up with fun games that the campers and staff would enjoy playing! We will find out what their theme is later tonight when we head up to the A-field!

As the session begins to wind down, we hope to have decent weather and big smiles!

~Allissa Parker