Saturday, August 6th

Hello all! I apologize for not writing yesterday! I had my day off which I was sad to take! Everything went smoothly as usual yesterday with bright sunshine and a great temperature! Yesterday's evening program was a relatively new game to camp known as garbage collector. This could be thought of as field basketball. One camper stands on a chair and they are the "goalie" for their team. There are three colors of dodgeball that we use and those each signify a different point value. The object is to get as many points as possible by throwing the balls into a bucket that your "goalie" is holding. Everyone was running around and really having a fun time with it!

Today we awoke to a delicious spread of bagels with cream cheese and butter as our spreads! The weather seemed a little shaky all day but stayed clear until just recently actually. Swimmers enjoyed the water with the warm air today and the boaters had a nice time out on the lake! Sports class and arts and crafts class were both interesting and got everyone laughing and having a nice time! 

Everyone really seemed to fill up on a tasty meal of ham, noodles, and green beans with of course, chocolate pudding for dessert! Rest hour was nice for everyone but it got a bit warm towards the end of it. 

As I said earlier, the weather seemed a bit off all day so we anticipated it being colder than it was. With that in mind, we headed up for a fun game of nonstop cricket on the A-field! Everyone seemed to really have a fun time with it and because it was so warm, we ended up having our general swim after all!

We were all thankful to jump in the lake and cool down a bit after running around! Fourth period was to take place during the time of activity period so we unfortunately, did not have an activity period today! It was nice to play a game with everyone since it was not time for evening program!

Tonight's dinner was a bit different. It was the kitchen's night off again but instead of sandwiches like last Wednesday, we had hot dogs and ate in the upper lodge as usual. Although tonight, we did what we like to call "mix up"! All of the counsellors stayed at their cabin tables while each camper had to sit at a table without anyone from their cabin and without either of their counsellors at it! We like to do this to give the girls a chance to learn other people's names since they don't have to much time to do that throughout the day! Dessert was chocolate chip cookies and I had many campers ask for more cookies because they liked them so much! 

Tonight, due to a bit of rain that we got during dinner, we will be playing Minute to Win It! There are eight stations and each camper will get to do at least one station! They have a minute to complete a wide variety of tasks including sorting an entire bag of skittles by color and even getting a cookie from their foreheads into their mouths by only using the muscles on their faces! Everyone really has a great time with it and we expect some good laughs to come out of tonight's game! 

We are still hoping to have nice weather because tomorrow is Track and Field Day! 

~Allissa Parker