Thursday, August 4th

What another beautiful day we have had today! We are so lucky to be having such lovely weather! Today, we woke up to a delicious spread of waffles with butter and of course, peanut butter! Everyone seemed to be extra hungry today with as much as they ate. 

We hurried back and cleaned our cabins to again hope for the win in cabin inspections! As everyone was finishing up, the bell rang starting first period. Our first three periods went smoothly with swimmers enjoying the water again and boaters able to row with little effort.

Camp has many crafters amongst us because today was our first full day of Secret Sister, exactly like Secret Santa! All throughout the day, campers and staff were in the arts and crafts room to make presents for their secret sisters! 

Lunch was just right for today! Ravioli was served with a side of salad and of course vanilla pudding for dessert! Heading to rest hour seemed like a blessing in disguise for everyone as we had many comments about how nice it was to sleep if only for an hour! As the bell rang, everyone was yet again happy to get into the water for general swim because of the warm weather we had today. 

Fourth period was slightly shorter because we had a visitor in place of an activity period today! A man from riverside reptiles came to visit us and even brought some reptiles for us to see! We were able to observe and learn about snakes, lizards, toads, and many more animals. He even allowed us to pet them! 

As our program finished up, we all ran up to wash our hands and get ready for dinner which was tacos with chips and applesauce on the side! The campers seemed to be extra hungry today but with our kitchen working hard we always have enough for seconds!

We are now getting ready for a fun evening program we like to call King Dodge. We should however, call it Queen Dodge during girls camp! This is another dodgeball game where if you get "out", you will have to go behind the other team and try to hit someone to get back onto your side.

A lot of energy will be needed for this game tonight and we anticipate everyone working hard! We all hope for this lovely weather to continue!

~Allissa Parker