Wednesday, August 3rd

Our wishes have come true! Such lovely weather we have had today! It started off a bit chilly this morning during a delicious breakfast of chocolate chip bread and cereal. We also had a choice of oatmeal in place of cereal which definitely seemed to help everyone warm up a bit! 

Classes went as they usually do today which was a blessing for all of us! Swimming classes went smoothly just as sports and arts and crafts did! Many of the boaters had a great day but the sailors especially did when they headed out for fourth period!

Lunch today was sweedish meatballs with mashed potatoes and squash as our sides! Everyone gobbled down the meatballs and seems to be just as excited for a tasty dessert of pears! We all seemed to be excited for rest hour and definitely in need of it because many of our youngest campers fell asleep without expecting to! 

As the bell rang ending rest hour and waking up our sleeping campers and staff, general swim began. Many comers rushed to jump into the water because the air was finally warm enough that they would not be cold during the swim!

Fourth period was great when the wind picked up for the sailors! However, it was a bit difficult for the rowboats to get going and stay going in the direction they were aiming for.

Activity period was a big hit today, what with all the water games and activities going on! Six girls went out on paddle boards while many more jumped off the tower and joined staff members in aquarium for fun games! Others played GaGa again and accompanied the LT's on the A-field for a rousing game of Nuke 'Em!

As tonight was the kitchen staff's day off, we had what we call "Eat Out" tonight. Each person at camp was made a meat sandwich if they asked for one and then as many peanut butter and jellies that they could possibly eat! A nice change is that every cabin goes to a new place around camp to eat dinner as opposed to going to their table in the lodge for dinner. Many cabins ate on docks while others headed to the council ring and picnic benches throughout camp! 

The campers rushed up to throw on their tied shoes for a fun game tonight for our evening program game! Every staff member plays a short game on the A-field while two staff members become team captains for each team. The campers have to go around and play games to win "pea-beans". These "pea-beans" are then brought down to the team captains and they take the appropriate amount of steps on a route to the A-field in an attempt to beat the other captain! The kids really love this game and are very excited for it tonight! 

We expect high energy for tonight and good weather for the upcoming days!

~Allissa Parker