Tuesday, August 2nd

Such a lovely change of events we had here at Asto Wamah today! We all awoke to rain and dark clouds but a yummy breakfast of blueberry bread and cereal! As the day went on, it seemed to dry up a bit and classes even began to take place outside. Sports class went up to the field for some fun activities while swimming stayed out for the water and played fun rounds of Scattegories. While the boaters were not able to get out on the lake today, they did work together on drawing a boat and labeling the parts to help gain knowledge before heading out tomorrow!

For lunch, the camp enjoyed delicious chicken fingers with squash and green beans as vegetables! Apple sauce and chips were also offered as sides before creamy butterscotch pudding topped with whipped cream was brought out for dessert!

Rest hour was quite peaceful and many campers even said how they did not plan on taking a nap but in fact fell asleep and did not even realize it until the bell rang to wake them from their dreams! Fourth period was a great time for the boaters because they were finally able to head out and enjoy the water. The sailors had lovely weather out in the middle of the lake while it seemed to be a bit tricky for the rowboats to get going!

The counselors offered fun activities for the campers, including yoga, GaGa, Nuke 'Em by the LT's and even tower jumping for the brave souls willing to brave the chilly air!

At least we had grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner to help warm us up! The kitchen worked hard in making over 250 grilled cheese! Dessert was light and fluffy chocolate cake with vanilla frosting!

Hopefully no one ate too much since our evening program tonight involves quite a lot of running! We will be playing a game called "Spies and Smugglers" which seems to be a huge hit for everyone! The "spies" attempt to tag the "smuggles" and then guess where the "smugglers" hid a piece of paper in their clothing! Each ticket has a number written on it and that number is the amount of points that can be scored by handing that in. 

Warmer weather seems to be on the radar for tomorrow and that is what we will continue hoping for!

~Allissa Parker