Monday, August 1st

Today was yet another day of rules and instructions! We kicked off the morning with cornbread and cereal for breakfast and jelly and butter were offered as spreads for the delicious cornbread! The schedule for the typical day at camp was gone over for all of the campers and they were able to head back to their cabins and begin cleaning in hopes of winning cabin inspections today!

Once cabins were cleaned and everyone was ready for the first three classes, the swimmers found out their teachers and began showing off their strokes while the boaters learned their teachers and the parts of the boat to be ahead of the game for classes tomorrow! We went up to the A-field for sports class today to play our typical first day game of Nuke 'Em. This is a game that is played on the basketball court with a team on each side of the volleyball net. The teams work together to throw the ball over the net and get everyone on the other team out! We all learned the names of our new friends at camp!

Lunch was tasty ziti with a side of salad and fresh, diced peaches for dessert! Everyone was eager for rest hour to begin after they hit the store and signed up for the chance to go out on paddle boards and potentially the Hunter, our big sail boat, later on in the session! Six lucky girls got the chance to be the first ones to make bead bracelets this session while many more signed up for the chance as well!

General swim was short due to the rules we had to go over but everyone seemed to enjoy the water because it was warmer than the air today! Activity period was a big hit for the campers after they had a fun fourth period class. The counselors offered the chance to jump off the tower, head over to the new GaGa pit and play some games, and even head up the A-field to play a rousing game of spud with our LT's! Among these fun activities, campers continued to work hard on their bracelets and even their baskets with Carol, our basket lady. 

We all enjoyed chicken melts, chips, apple sauce, and cucumbers for dinner with chocolate pudding pie for our delicious dessert! 

Everyone is heading to throw on their tied shoes and long pants for a fun game of capture the flag tonight as our evening program! Everyone will be split into two teams and try to capture the other teams flag without getting tagged and sent to "jail"! 

We are hoping for a bit warmer weather tomorrow since we have finally finished all of our rules for the session!

~Allissa Parker