Sunday, July 31st

What a whirlwind of activity we have had today! Every camper hurried down the camp road excited to find out their cabin for these next two weeks. We have many new campers who are quite excited for the session to begin. 

As everyone moved their belongings into the cabin, the counselors began going over activities for this session along with some general camp rules. The campers said hurried goodbyes as the camp day finally began! 

Today was filled with rules and introductions which always seems to take some time no matter how many times we have done it! As soon as everything had been discussed, our new girls went with Catherine, our water front director, to be tested for swimming. It was not necessarily a test but more of a chance for them to show what they know to Catherine. They were placed in their appropriate swimming levels and hurried off to change for dinner!

Per tradition, our dinner consisted of hot dogs and baked beans! A new addition of sweat potatoes was added! For dessert, everyone gobbled up brownies. We are all now putting on tied shoes for our traditional first night evening program game. Tonight, we will be playing a dodgeball game that we call "Medical War"! In this game, campers have the chance to be a "medic" who will "save" campers on their team if they get out by a dodgeball thrown from the other team. Everyone really enjoys this game and all of the returning campers look forward to it, along with the staff!

We look forward to an exciting session filled with fun games, activities, and good weather!

~Allissa Parker