Friday, July 29th

No one can believe that today was the last full day of this session! It has been phenomenal, our staff agrees that this has been one of the most well behaved and enthusiastic group of campers that we have ever seen. 

This morning was kicked off with blueberry bread and cereal. Although we were expecting rain for most of the day, we were lucky to only have rain for a few hours. Better yet, we were able to enjoy our last day of classes outside! Our classes today were less structured because we finished up all of the instruction yesterday. Many classes took their swimmers out on paddle boards, Sunfish, or practiced fun lifeguarding drills. Boaters and canoers and sports classes were equally carefree! 

For lunch today we enjoyed Texas hash, a tex-mex style casserole that campers loved! We also had salad and bread. For the first time this summer we had churros for dessert! Due to the fact that the great weather returned this afternoon, we again had 100% participation in general swim today. Swimmers jumped off the tower and dove off the rafts for the last time this session.

Activity period offered jumping off the tower, paddle boarding, playing a game in the Gaga pit, learning the popular song "Riptide" on the ukulele, or aquarium games! Campers took advantage of their last opportunity to participate in the unique activities camp has to offer. 

Chicken fajitas were served for dinner tonight alongside chips and applesauce. Campers loved the vanilla cake with chocolate frosting for dessert! They were sure to clean their plates quickly because they were excited for tonight's campfire! Campfire is our last night tradition here at Asto Wamah. Girls are given awards for passing their classes, being the cleanest cabin and winning track and field events. The evening is filled with songs and some goofy counselor skits that will be sure to make the campers smile!

Pickup tomorrow begins at 8:30 am, and we hope to see all campers on their way home by 10:00 am! We will be sad to see this wonderful group go!

See you tomorrow!

~Taylor and Shannon