We're off to a great start!

We have begun camp!! Hurray!

Everyone is doing great so far! Today, everyone went off to meet their fellow campers and counselors. With tours going out around camp right after parents had left, we all met in the council ring to go over some rules and expectations for camp. After that, we met the staff and learned the rules for general swim. 

Our 24 new campers went in with Catherine, our waterfront director, to show off their skills. Catherine told them what level they would be in for swimming and then everyone went in for a short general swim. 

After general swim, everyone went up to change and then went back down to the flagpole for flag lowering. We do this every evening and morning. When the flag came down, we went up to supper. 

Tonight's supper was hot dogs and baked beans. We also had tater tots on the side. Brownies for dessert, filled everyone's stomachs to the brim. 

Currently, we are all getting ready for evening program. Every night we play a camp wide game. Tonights game will be "Medical War"! The campers love this game. It is a big dodgeball game. If you get hit by the ball, you sit down and wait for your teams "medic" to come and save you. 

We are hoping the everyone gets nice and tired during evening program so as to make their first sleep here just a little bit easier. Tomorrow should be fun, since everyone will get to meet their teachers! 

~Allissa Parker