Final Day of Session 2

It is so hard to believe that today is the final day of camp! Even though the weather wasn't ideal, we were still able to have some fun! Campers officially found out if they passed their classes, and they will be rewarded with a certificate tonight at campfire. Most classes did not go out on the lake, but instead were replaced with board games. Camp just purchased 10 new board games, so we had a ton of fun trying all of the new ones out today! They were a huge hit! 

Today for activity period we allowed kids to jump off the tower. We offer this almost every day, but today it was particularly special because all of the kids who passed into level 4 swimming class were able to jump off the tower for the very first time! It is really exciting to watch them find something else they love about camp.

Tonight for our evening program we will be hosting the campfire - complete with awards, songs, musical performances by some of our campers, and counselor skits. Then it is off to bed for the very last time this session. 

Pick up will run from 8:30-9:30 tomorrow morning, and the kids will be all packed up and eagerly awaiting their family's arrival! See you soon!

-Shannon and Sloane