July 12, 2017

This morning for breakfast we had cornbread! For first period today, our level six and above swimmers had the opportunity to swim to Frog Island! 8 campers took part in this tradition. The first classes of the day went smoothly, and campers were able to continue working on their strokes in swim class, arts and crafts projects, and capsizing in small craft.

Lunch featured pork chops and mashed potatoes, with vanilla pudding for dessert! Campers and counselors headed to rest hour with thunder in the distance. Instead of general swim today, we played a rousing game of counselor trivia followed by board games played in the safety of the upper lodge. 

Activity period began with some okay weather, so campers were able to play rugby and basketball up on the A-field! About halfway through the thunder rolled in, so we moved to the lodge to play more board games. Tonight was the kitchen's night off, so we had sandwiches in the upper lodge for dinner followed by cookies and grapes! We were even able to get some songs in after the meal!

Tonight's evening program is a game called reverse scavenger hunt! Campers have just a few minutes to create a skit about a topic given to them by their counselors. The team with the best skit wins! It's a great game to play on a rainy day and the campers are definitely excited!

Here's to hoping for better weather tomorrow!

-Shannon and Sloane