Rainy Morning Turned to Sunny Afternoon

We woke up today to enjoy a breakfast of english muffins with butter and jelly. The first classes of the day went a little differently than normal because of the rain from early in the morning. Swimming and small craft classes were still able to use the water to its full potential, but sports class had to be held indoors because the field was too wet. Instead, the athletes participated in an exciting game of indoor baseball! It is played with the rules of normal baseball, but instead of a metal bat and baseball, players use ping pong paddles and balls. It was a favorite for everyone!

After a filling lunch of Texas casserole, everyone headed to the cabins for a much needed rest hour followed by general swim. The skies cleared from last night's rain, and it turned out to be a beautiful day here on Columbia Lake just in time for activity period! Six lucky campers were able to experience camp's stand-up paddle boards to get a different view of the lake.

Meatball grinders and applesauce was devoured for supper, with chocolate pudding pie for dessert. For evening program tonight, we are entering the world of a Star Wars themed carnival, thanks to our LTs! Everyone is looking forward to a great time and a restful night's sleep!

-Shannon and Sloane