July 10, 2017

We woke up to blueberry bread for breakfast, coupled with cereal and yogurt! Classes resumed their normal schedule after track meet, so campers went back to practicing their skills and working to impress their counselors. Each day many campers are passing their classes and moving up to the next level which is always exciting to be a part of. Swimming classes are working on perfecting their strokes, canoeing classes and sailing classes practiced capsizing today, arts and crafts classes worked on making cardboard airplanes, and sports classes played a crazy game of non-stop cricket. It was another active day at camp!

During activity period today some counselors hosted a Gaga tournament, and it had a HUGE turnout. One lucky team was able to beat them all, including the staff team! Other campers participated in jumping off the tower, playing card games, sailing, and playing soccer.

Lunch was shepherds pie with another round of chocolate chip banana bread for dessert. It was very welcomed by the campers! Dinner tonight was a pizza buffet and it was definitely a huge hit.

Evening program was "Cops and Robbers," one of the most requested games by campers. It is particularly fun because we play with team staff versus team camper. The boys have to run extra fast to escape the wrath of their counselors! Campers absolutely love the competition and staff have fun wearing the boys out. It was another successful day at Camp Asto Wamah! 

-Shannon and Sloane