July 17, 2017

It was a beautiful day at camp today!

Breakfast began with french toast and then campers were off to clean their cabins. They did an awesome job for the first day and the nurse was very impressed. 

This morning classes started with a quick overview of rules, then campers found out who their teachers were. Swimming classes evaluated each swimmer's strokes, small craft classes learned about their particular boat, arts and crafts started new projects, and sports classes played a great first-day game called "Nuke 'em." 

Activity period today offered jumping off the tower, playing Kan Jam, and a fun game of Gaga ball in the Gaga pit. It was a very active day at camp!

Evening program tonight was Capture the Flag, which we allow campers to play both on the field and in the woods. It was a high intensity game that we all had a lot of fun with! 

The weather looks great for the rest of the week and we are excited to get into the camp routine!

-Shannon and Sloane