Lucky to Have the Lake!

Today, Thursday, was another hot day- but what better place could we be during this kind of weather?  Breakfast was chocolate chip bread, and it was delicious, as always.  Campers and Staff alike loved the yogurt, fresh bananas, and orange slices that went with it. 

We did all of our regular activities, but tried to work the water into everything we could.  For example, Senior canoeing classes practiced capsizing, sports classes in the afternoon took place in the water, General Swim was extra long, and everything offered during Activity Period included a Quick Dip at the end! I think we all realize how lucky we all are to be here on Columbia Lake and to have it to swim and cool down in all day.  And of course, everyone is being reminded to stay hydrated.  

Lunch was a camp favorite- baked ziti, and was served with warm baguettes, and pears for dessert.  Dinner was chicken melts and chips, which are always a hit.  

We were also lucky enough to have a special musical guest tonight!  Mr. O'Hare came to camp this evening and showed campers instruments from all over the world, including Eastern Africa, Ireland, Australia, and Japan to name a few.  He is very talented, and played many of them for us.  It was a nice change of pace, and as expected everyone was interested, engaged, and had awesome questions at the end.  

We hope you all are staying cool out there in the real world!