July 21, 2017

It was another hot day on the lake! Class schedules were adjusted today to accommodate. Swimming class was spent in the water of course, and small craft classes allowed their campers to take a quick dip before they went out on the lake. Sports classes enjoyed a nature walk where they explored the woods all around camp. It was a much cooler alternative to a game on the field and the campers loved it!

General Swim was a favorite today because it followed a very humid rest hour! Activity period offered a lot of water activities as well including jumping off the tower and aquarium games. Even options such as Kan Jam and Gaga ball offered a quick dip afterwards. 

For lunch we had chicken parmesan, with sorbet for dessert and for dinner we had hamburgers with cheesecake for dessert. Cheesecake happens to be a favorite dessert for many, so we had a lot of happy campers tonight!

With Track and Field day coming quickly, we spent some time after lunch today to allow each area of camp to pick their team captains! These captains will lead the green and white teams in cheers during track and field day this weekend.

Evening program tonight will be Mission to Mars, which is a capture the flag game that takes place all over camp. We will finish the night with a quick dip so everyone has a chance to cool off before bedtime! 

-Shannon and Sloane