Friday, July 22

It was a warm and windy day today!!! We definitely spent a lot of time in the water. 

We had a great meal day today! Breakfast was french toast and cereal, and lunch was Shepherd's Pie. For dinner we had chicken patties and potato chips. We tried a new dessert, gingerbread cake, with dinner today and it was a huge hit among campers! We noticed that the girls have started to eat a lot more which shows how active they are!

Classes went smoothly today and we are seeing great improvement in swimming classes especially! Boating, canoeing and sailing were a little tricky today because it was just SO windy out there, but it provided a great opportunity for campers to really show off their skills. Because it was so warm, Hilltop sports spent their class period in the water playing Aquarium games! It was a lot of fun for everyone!

Activity period offered a couple of unique opportunities today, especially a trip on the Hunter (our largest sail boat)! With such a windy day it was the perfect time to take the Hunter out on her first girls session voyage! Other activities included paddle boards, a diving contest, jumping off the tower and the Gaga pit. 

Tonight's evening program is a Dodgeball game called King Dodge! We will also offer a "quick dip" after the game to allow campers to cool off in the lake before going to bed. Almost everyone takes advantage of the quick dip!

There may be some small storms popping up later tonight but it looks like we should avoid them! Fingers crossed!


~Taylor and Shannon