Thursday, July 21st

It is safe to say that every camper (and staff member) is sleeping soundly at night! Many counselors have shared how the majority of the girls in their cabins fall asleep long before they have finished reading. 

This morning's breakfast was toasted english muffins alongside cereal. Campers were also give the option to indulge in a warm bowl of oatmeal! Following breakfast, girls were eager to start today's classes. We have been so fortunate with the amazing weather we've been having, no one had any objection to jumping straight into the lake for swim classes! Boaters enjoyed the sunshine as they explored Columbia Lake and worked on their strokes. Arts and crafts is held in arguably the coolest room in camp so many campers enjoyed working on friendship bracelets and baskets to get a quick break from the sun! Sports classes have been as exciting as ever! Back by popular demand, volleyball was played on the A-field. The girls have been extra diligent with the sunscreen - many even donned baseball caps this afternoon!

The campers enjoyed ravioli with a healthy salad and delicious french bread. The french bread always runs out quickly! Sorbet was offered for dessert and the vast majority of campers dug in to the cool treat! Rest hour was very peaceful, but soon after the lake was filled with splashes and laughter as every camper went in for general swim! Activity period offered a myriad of games. Girls jumped off the tower, did a "Wamah Workout" on the A-field, did some relaxing yoga, played badminton, or learned to play the ukulele! Many campers opted to take a quick dip after many of these activities to cool off before dinner. 

Dishees had a tough meal this evening, tacos! Although it requires many dishes and bowls, campers loved them nonetheless. For dessert everyone went crazy over our peach crisp. With a little extra sugar in their bloodstream campers are hurrying up to the A-field to play an all time favorite evening program - Pirates! Girls dress in sneakers, long pants, and dark colored clothing to participate in this exciting game. Campers search for a treasure in the woods while engaging in "gun battles". Our Wamah guns are dishee rags filled with flour. These little "guns" leave a white mark on their target. The campers are always tempted to tap their friends with the rags before the game even starts!

We are hoping that tomorrow the wonderful weather continues! It would make it a perfect week! 

~Taylor and Shannon