Wednesday, July 20th

It was an absolutely beautiful day at camp today! It is so much fun when the weather is nice!

Today was the campers favorite meal day so far! For breakfast we had cinnamon bread! Lunch was Swedish meatballs and mashed potatoes with carrots on the side, and dinner was "Eat Out." "Eat Out" is something very unique to camp. When the kitchen staff take their time off, instead of eating a meal in the upper lodge, cabins eat a picnic of sandwiches together somewhere else in camp. For example, some one cabin ate on main dock, and another chose to eat dinner in the Gazebo! "Eat Out" is always a lot of fun for campers.

We had some cool new activities offered today. Hilltop sports classes had the opportunity to play pickleball on the tennis courts and they had a wonderful time! Curt, our resident musician, taught a group of girls how to play songs on the camp Ukuleles. Four of our campers chose to practice extra so they could arrange a song to play at our talent night coming up! Swimming classes continued to work on their strokes and boating classes enjoyed the beautiful day on the lake. Sailors had a harder time because there wasn't much wind out on the lake, but nonetheless they still had a beautiful day to be out on the water. 

Today for activity period campers could choose to jump off the tower, participate in a diving contest, play volleyball on the A-Field or engage in a Gaga ball tournament. There were plenty of fun options for today!

Our evening program tonight is a game called Spies and Smugglers. This tends to be a favorite among returning campers. The camp splits into two teams - one being the spies, and the other being the smugglers. The smugglers have a small piece of paper that has a point value on it, and their goal is to smuggle it up to the A-field without being caught by a spy. Spies can tag smugglers and have 3 guesses to find where the secret piece of paper is hidden on their person. It's a high energy game that allows campers to be sneaky and creative! It's easy to see why its so popular!

I've heard many girls today talk about how fast this session is going! They can't believe it's already Wednesday! It turns out the phrase "time flies when you're having fun" definitely applies here at Asto Wamah!

Until tomorrow,

~Taylor and Shannon