Tuesday, July 19th

Campers were a little groggy today on the way to breakfast but they quickly perked up when they saw their breakfast - waffles with peanut butter! That is always a great way to start the camp morning. 

Morning classes went smoothly! We had an absolutely beautiful day at camp! Swimmers were very excited to get in the water and learn their strokes, boaters got to explore the lake a little more, sports classes were able to choose what they wanted to play. Their options were Kan Jam, Spikeball, or problem solving on our low ropes course. Nature classes tried their hand at meditation, something many campers enjoyed! Arts & Crafts classes made great progress on their individual projects.

Chicken fingers were offered for lunch with a side of rice, squash, and green beans. A dessert of peaches followed our meal. After rest hour all campers went in for a general swim! So far they have loved to take advantage of the water! We love their enthusiasm! 

Following 4th period campers were offered different activities to participate in. They were able to jump off the tower, ride paddle boards, go sailing with a counselor, participate in a diving contest, or go for a run. Lots of exciting options today!

Dinner tonight was grilled cheese served with tomato soup.  Chips and cucumbers were also served along the side of the grilled cheese, with cheesecake as our dessert. We LOVE cheesecake for dessert - it was definitely a hit. 

Tonight's evening program will be a game of Capture the Flag! Before evening program the campers have an option to go to the A-Field early to play a variety of individual games as entertainment before the big camp-wide program. Such a special treat! 

We expect that by tonight everyone will finally be sleeping well. We can tell the campers are already starting to wear themselves out - Perfect!

~Taylor and Shannon