Monday, July 18th

Last night was a little too warm for our liking, it made it very hard to fall asleep! The first night can be tricky, campers and staff alike are getting used to their new surroundings and the heat did not help. However, campers were still excited for their first full day at Asto Wamah! 

After a filling breakfast of blueberry bread and cereal, campers returned to their cabins and worked together to clean their cabin. Every day, the nurse goes into every cabin and selects the cleanest cabin on Hilltop, Lakeside, and Seniors. The girls are extra diligent and every cabin looked fantastic today! Cabins 2, 5, and 8 won inspection today.

As it is the first day of classes, there were a lot of rules to go over. Swimmers found out who their teacher would be for the next two weeks and showed off their strokes! Boaters, canoers, and sailors alike sat on the logs as Lydia and Sam, our small craft directors, went over safety and how to properly put on a PFD (personal flotation device)! Afterwards, canoers practiced their technique in our shallow water - Aquarium. Sailors learned how to rig and de-rig their Sunfish while boaters went over parts of the boat. In Arts and Crafts today campers were introduced to our more creative staff members. Deb is our arts and crafts director, Carol is our basket maker, and Kevin is our nature expert. After the introductions, campers began their projects! Sports classes played Nuke 'Em, it is a great first day game because it is a good way to learn everyone's name. 

Ziti was served for lunch today! Campers enjoyed french bread and salad as side items, and dessert was vanilla pudding. After rest hour we finished our daily class schedule with 4th period. A small storm hit us this afternoon so all 4th period classes took place in the lodge. Luckily, it cleared quickly and we were able to resume a normal schedule for activity period. Campers were allowed to jump off the tower, go for a run, play badminton, or participate in Aquarium games. We had a lot of fun!

Dinner tonight was chicken melts, with a side of potato chips and applesauce. Chocolate cake was gobbled up for dessert.

Because our athletic field is still too wet to run on we are playing reverse scavenger hunt for our evening program tonight. For this game each girl brings one item of their to the lodge. Then will then use these items to plan out a skit as a cabin that fits the theme set by counselors. It is definitely a favorite game for our campers, they are VERY excited to participate.

Thankfully the rain cooled things down a little bit so tonight should be more comfortable for sleeping. Overall it was a great camp day today!

~Taylor and Shannon