Saturday, July 23rd

It's crazy to think that we are halfway through the session already! Some cabins switched bunks this morning to give everyone a chance to enjoy a top bunk. 

This morning we enjoyed cornbread and cereal for breakfast! Despite the heat, everyone devoured the lasagna that was served for lunch. The refreshing salad on the side was definitely welcomed! For dessert we had chocolate pudding topped with whipped cream. Dinner was another "Eat Out" tonight. We had stations set out around the flagpole with hotdogs, chips, a cucumber salad, and cookies for dessert! However, due to a sporadic rain shower we moved our meal inside. 

We experienced another hot day today so everyone jumped straight into the lake for swim classes! Campers were eager to show off how much they learned throughout this past week. Due to the heat, sports classes played a spin off of "Duck Duck Goose," called "Drip Drip Splash!" The idea is that you drip water on everyone's head as you walk around the circle and when you choose "goose" you dump the rest of the water on that person's head. It was a great way to cool off!

Today for activity period, campers could jump off the tower, go paddle boarding, take a ride on the Hunter, or play Aquarium games!

Tonight for evening program we are playing a game called "Step it Up!" There are various games set up on the A-field that allows campers to earn beans. Each bean equals a step their team captain can take. The captain is positioned all over camp and the first captain to make it to the center of the A-field wins the round! 

We will be going in for a quick dip to get cooled off before bedtime! At this point in the session, bedtime is welcomed by campers!

~Taylor and Shannon