Sunday, July 24th

HAPPY TRACK AND FIELD DAY!!!!! Such an awesome day at camp!

We had no class schedule today, it was all about track meet. This morning in the time between cabin cleanup and lunch, the whole camp went up to the A-Field to participate in the individual track meet events. The campers traveled with their age groups: hilltop, lakeside and seniors. Each section voted on two team captains. We encourage the girls to vote for someone who is well motivated and supportive of everyone! Once the captains picked teams, the girls were off and running to their events! Hilltop started at the running long jump while lakeside was at the standing long jump and seniors were at the softball toss.  We had some very talented winners, but even those who didn't place had a great time cheering on their friends! It's such a great atmosphere to be a part of. After each section completed all three events, our preliminaries for the 50 yard dash took place. Again each group battled it out against each other for a spot in the finals. We had to have a photo finish for many of the final races!

Because it was another warm day, after our morning events we headed straight into the water for a general swim! Campers had a great time enjoying the water today and it was a lot of fun to watch them swim around with their friends and having fun. 

Lunch for track and field day was our traditional ham and noodles! We offered a side of carrots, squash and zucchini. Pears finished off our meal for dessert. 

When the bell rand ending rest hour, many of the girls rushed up to the A-field for the marathon. Starting at the A-field, campers ran with their section along corduroy road and down the camp road, ending at the lakeside cabins. The Indian War Relay followed. The Indian War Relay is a camp-wide race that involves every single camper! Two senior girls start running at the very top of the camp road, handing off the baton, in a relay setting, to about thirty campers until it got to main dock. From there two sets of swimmers dove into the water and handed off the baton to theboaters. The boaters met the canoers who paddled to meet runners by Hungerford cove (the farthest peak in camp). They made their way back to main camp and finally handed the baton off one last time to two fast swimmers who swam to the finish line to end the race!

Following our second general swim we played a camp wide game called non-stop cricket, a mix of tennis and baseball that continues with no end. Dinner came quickly and offered meatball grinders and chips. Green and white cake followed in proper Asto Wamah spirit!

For evening program we are playing a series of team based games that will help both green and white teams earn more points! They should be a lot of fun!

Everyone will be EXHAUSTED tonight, which is a very good thing. We are looking for some bright eyed campers in the morning to continue the normal camp schedule!

~Taylor and Shannon