Monday, July 25

After an exhausting track and field day, campers were excited to return to a normal morning schedule! We started the day with a breakfast of chocolate chip bread. Following breakfast campers got ready for their 3 morning classes. Everyone worked hard this morning and sailors particularly enjoyed classes - there was GREAT wind on the lake today!

Lunch today was chicken parmesan and it was gobbled up quickly! Many campers were noticing that they had not met a meal they haven't like yet! We love to hear that from our campers! 

Following rest hour the girls cooled off in the lake for general swim. However, we cut the swim a little short today because we had an exciting afternoon planned! First, we had a special program called "Birds on the Run" where a presenter brought some birds from his exotic birds shelter. The birds were beautiful and very smart! So many of them were starting to learn tricks that the girls really enjoyed helping with! When the presenter brought out each bird he told us a little story about their life, and it was really cool to get to know the birds a little more. Some had more traumatic pasts, while others just weren't able to join their previous owners when they moved to Italy! It was really a lot of fun!

Following our bird presentation, the whole camp gathered to hear the rules for a rare camp game- Mission to Mars! For this game the earthlings compete against the martians to find necessary water sources hidden around camp! They get an extra bonus if they also find the energy sources that will help power their rocket ship for its trip back to Earth! Basically the game is a more complex version of capture the flag, and the boundaries for the game include most of camp's property. The campers have been requesting to play this game all session so they were thrilled to see their requests were granted!

Dinner tonight was pulled pork, which is a newer meal we've added to our menu! Overall it appears to have received a big thumbs up! Our dessert was cherry cake which definitely didn't disappoint. 

Because we are predicting to get hit with some rain tonight, we are playing our evening program inside the lodge. We will be playing "minute to win it" style games that groups will try to complete in competition with the other traveling groups. 

Overall we've noticed that campers seemed to be especially exhausted today. The last few days have been very active and it is starting to catch up with the campers! Bedtime can't come fast enough for most, so we expect it to be a quiet night in the cabins!


~Taylor and Shannon