Tuesday, July 26

Camp awoke refreshed and cooled off after the few rain showers that passed through last night! Energy was high all morning, especially after everyone's favorite breakfast was served - cinnamon bread! The campers' enthusiasm continued during classes as they worked to show their teachers how much they had learned this past week and a half.

Meatloaf was served for lunch today with mashed potatoes and carrots. Everyone loved it and many even found room to eat vanilla pudding for dessert!

Per campers' request, Rest Hour was extended by 15 minutes today! The girls insisted that they wanted to be well rested for the remainder of the day. And that they were! Everyone went in for general swim this afternoon. In deep water, many campers dove off the tower - an exciting feat for anyone at camp! 

For activity period this afternoon girls were able to go paddle boarding, jump off the tower, play soccer on the A-field, partake in Aquarium games, or work on their arts and crafts projects! However, many campers chose to work on Talent Night! Talent Night is a talent show that we have here at Asto Wamah. Many cabins work together to create a skit, song, dance, or musical piece to perform in front of the camp. Everyone looks forward to this evening program each year. It is always a fun night full of support and entertainment! 

For dinner campers enjoyed grilled cheese with tomato soup! Cucumbers, applesauce and chips were served alongside the sandwiches. Everyone loved the cheesecake that was passed out for dessert. We have been lucky enough to have cheesecake twice this session!

Campers are now practicing their performances for tonight. We cannot wait to see what these creative and talented girls have in store for us!

~Taylor and Shannon