First Day of Boy's Camp

Starting at 12:30pm, campers started driving down the camp road and began their two week session at Asto Wamah! They were greeted by Drew, our sports director, and then quickly began the process of settling in and getting to know their fellow cabin mates. They went through the given check in list and gave hurried good byes to those who dropped them off, eager to start the session!

After counselors gave tours of our beautiful grounds, we all met in the counsel ring for introductions and camp wide rules. Our first year campers had their swim tests, where they showed Catherine, our waterfront director, what they know! They were then placed in swimming levels accordingly. Once those were completed, campers excitedly rushed to check in for a camp wide general swim! Right off the bat, boys were leaping from the tower in deep water and playing games in aquarium! 

Cookee bell rang shortly after the end of general swim and the campers rushed to set their tables, eager to fill their bellies! Here at Asto Wamah, we have "cookees", those who set our tables for meals and "dishees" who help clear the tables afterwards. Campers and staff enjoyed our traditional first meal of hotdogs, tater tots, and a side of baked beans. Brownies were offered as dessert and as you can imagine, they vanished quickly! 

Tied shoes have been put on in anticipation for our evening program! Now campers are playing a variety of activities, including tether ball, the ever popular Gaga Pit, or knock hockey while waiting for the bell to ring. Tonight we will be playing "Medical War", a type of dodgeball game in which our "medics" can bring campers back who were "knocked out" during the round. In an effort to give as many campers who wish to be the "medic" an opportunity, we have set aside 45 minutes to play. We are expecting a high energy game from this enthusiastic group of boys! 

Following evening program, campers will return to their cabins and get ready for bed. Cabins will vote on a book to be read aloud by the counselors before bedtime. Many campers enjoy this aspect of the evening as it helps them to wind down after an eventful day!  

We are so excited to welcome all of these wonderful campers to Asto Wamah! They will surely have a rememberable two weeks here. We are looking forward to start our usual schedule of classes and activities tomorrow!

~Taylor and Allissa