Monday, July 4th

Our first full day of this session went off without a hitch! After what seemed like a late night due to fireworks on the lake, campers awoke to beautiful weather. We enjoyed cornbread and cereal for breakfast. 

Today we started our classes: arts and crafts, swimming, boating and sports! Swimmers showed their teachers what strokes they knew so staff could better help them to pass their level. Deb, our arts and crafts director, had a multitude of projects for the campers to choose from including paracord bracelets, wood burning, or even the option to start a basket! Kevin, our nature expert, took a few campers from arts and crafts and hunted our "wild boar" Boris. He had them get in tip top shape in order to better catch her! During sports we played our usual first day game of Nuke 'Em, which is a great game to help campers learn one another's names. Boaters learned the rules of small craft and our rowers were able to get out on the water during class! Meanwhile, canoers practiced strokes in aquarium in an effort to prepare them for tomorrow! Our sailors worked on rigging the boats for the very first time this session. 

After a very busy morning, our cookees set the table for a ravioli meal! We also had salad and bread on the side, and ended with butterscotch pudding. While dishees finished sweeping, campers headed to the store for a piece of candy to enjoy during rest hour. 

Fortunately the weather stayed nice and everyone went in for general swim! After their last class of the day, activity period began. Counselors offered jumping off the tower, ultimate frisbee, aquarium games, and Nuke 'Em. It seemed that every boy took advantage of the opportunities presented to them during activity period today!

Dinner bell rang at 6pm and we all gathered around the flagpole for inspection results. Cabins 2, old 6 and 8 won cabin cleanup today! Shaved steak sandwiches with peppers on the side were served along with carrots and chips. Now campers are scrambling to the A-field for a fun game of Capture the Flag. Everyone is eager to get there quickly in order for the game to get going early, as we will be having sundaes after to celebrate the 4th of July!

Everyone is settling into camp and it is so great to see all of the campers getting to know one another and form friendships!

~Taylor and Allissa