Tuesday, July 5th

This morning we awoke to rain but luckily we had a yummy breakfast of french toast to brighten our moods! The rain did not stop us from enjoying a normal class schedule. However, due to the slippery conditions of the A-field, sports class was held in the upper lodge. Swimmers enjoyed a warm lake even though the morning air was a bit chilly. Boaters did not mind the slight drizzle, on the contrary, it made boating all that more fun! Campers worked on their projects in arts and crafts while the hunt for Boris continued! 

Campers enjoyed quite a show today during counselors' swim! As they watched all of the staff jump from the tower, the campers cheered them on as they tried to catch a football or frisbee that was thrown from main dock. Today the kitchen staff was caught off guard during lunch by the sheer amount of chicken fingers that the campers chowed down on. They frantically made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to appease the boys' appetite! 

After a good rest hour, the campers had a few options to choose from as opposed to going in for general swim. Curt and Aidan, two of our counselors, offered music lessons, while Deb gave 8 lucky campers the opportunity to attend sculpting lessons. Kevin took more boys on a nature excursion while everyone else enjoyed the bright sun and warm weather on Columbia Lake!

Today's activity period was quite a busy one! Counselors offered Nuke 'Em, handball, Kan Jam, fishing, paddle boarding, and jumping off the tower! Our big sailor boat, the Hunter, was even taken out! 

Another great meal was for dinner! Grilled cheese, tomato soup, and a side of tomatoes to put on top were quickly gobbled up by the hungry boys. Not only was the main course quickly devoured but so was the dessert which was cheese cake!

Tonight's evening program will take place in the woods! The campers will be split into two teams, "spies" and "smugglers". They will run through the woods trying to "smuggle" points up to the A-field. The "smugglers" will have to avoid the ever so sneaky "spies"! 

With all of the 4th of July commotion over, we are hoping the boys will sleep soundly tonight! 

~Taylor and Allissa