Wednesday, July 6th

It is hard to believe we are halfway through the first week of camp already! The campers are loving every second and taking advantage of all of the opportunities camp has to offer!

This morning we awoke again to wonderful weather! Everyone enjoyed a camp favorite for breakfast - cinnamon bread alongside an option of cereal. Campers and staff alike were eager to get into the water this morning! Since the sun was so hot, canoers worked on capsizing this morning while boaters jumped into the lake before rowing. While swimmers continued working on their strokes, many teachers decided to play games at the end of class, so the campers could really enjoy the water! Sports classes were on the A-field but campers had plenty of water breaks to cool down. The arts and crafts room is nice and cool so campers comfortably worked on their projects while nature went fishing!

For lunch campers and staff were served meatballs, mashed potatoes, and salad. Sorbet was handed out for dessert - perfect for a hot day! After rest hour everyone went in for general swim. Aquarium played a fun tag game where campers pretended to be sharks and swam around "attacking" their targets. The splashing made it all that much more fun! Activity period revolved around the water today, as the sun was still hot this afternoon! Counselors offered jumping off the tower, paddle boarding, sailing on the sunfish, and those who chose to play ultimate frisbee on the A-field were rewarded with a quick swim in the lake afterwards!

Every Wednesday and Saturday the campers are treated to a unique dinner! Since the kitchen staff have their day off, cabins choose an area around camp to have a picnic dinner. Campers were spread out around the A-field, the counsel ring and even the docks! Everyone enjoys sandwiches with sides of pickles, chips, carrots, grapes and some cookies for dessert!

Campers were thrilled to hear that this evening we will be playing Pirates! The boys will scatter around camp searching for a "treasure". They may also gain points by collecting trash and engaging in "gun" wars (dishee rags filled with flour). There will most likely be a quick dip afterwards, as this is a high energy game! 

We are hoping this great weather continues for the rest of the session! 

~Taylor and Allissa