Thursday, July 8th

Sorry for missing yesterday! We had a very difficult and busy day what with the 5 inches of rain that fell within an hour and a half! At about 2 pm, just as rest hour was about to begin, we heard some rumbles of thunder in the distance and hurriedly got the boys into their cabins with the windows and doors shut. About ten minutes had passed and the skies opened up! Torrential rains poured down on us to the point that you could not see out across the lake. Rest hour was extended for a half hour to allow the storm to pass which thank goodness it did. The staff did a fantastic job keeping the kids calm during rest hour and with the storm passing, enjoyed a fun game of counsellor trivia with the campers! This game was played until we had a winning cabin and then the counsellors played board games and card games with the campers until supper time.

Luckily, today was a much better day! We awoke to some overcast but nothing compared to what seemed like the monsoon that washed over us yesterday. Breakfast was a camp favorite, chocolate chip bread with cereal on the side! Everyone ate that like there was no tomorrow! The swimmers had a nice time in the now slightly deeper lake. Thankfully, it was nice and warm so they were not too cold in the water. The boaters also had a nice time. There was some good wind for the sailors and a few too many waves for the canoers but everyone managed to have a nice time out on the lake. Sports class was still held in the upper lodge due to the wet conditions of the A-field. 

As soon as everyone found out that shepherds pie was for lunch, the cookees rushed to set the table and soon everyone was eating. Jello was dessert and the boys gobbled it up! We had a much better rest hour today. It was a nice temperature that allowed for a nice comfortable sleep. The wind has been howling today but thankfully the scorching heat we have had the past two days has died down a bit! Due to this heat reduction, some of the counsellors offered some fun time activities as opposed to going in for general swim. Kevin offered to take 8 campers out for a fun adventure while Deb took a few others to make some creative crafts. Aidan taught 8 lucky campers all about how to play the ukulele! Drew took over 40 campers up to the A-field for a rousing game of Non-Stop-Cricket! While there were not many who went in for general swim, those that did said how warm the water was and how it was nice to only have a few other swimmers with them! 

Activity period went smoothly as always with counsellors offering tower jumping, sailing, soccer, basketball, and a new addition of disc golf! Campers and staff alike were so excited to be back on the A-field playing games and laughing. The boys enjoyed some chicken patties for dinner with a side of applesauce, chips, and baby carrots. After chowing down, everyone rushed back to their cabins to throw on tied shoes for tonights evening program which will be played on the now dry A-field! We will be playing "garbage collector" tonight. This is a camp original that can be most accurately described as field basketball. We are anticipating a lot of tired, sweaty boys after this game so a quick dip in the cool lake will be taking place! 

We are all hoping for the weather to continue as it has today to keep us in good spirits!

~Taylor and Allissa