Saturday, July 9th

We are officially one week into our two week session! We had a change in the schedule today due to the rainy forecast for tomorrow. Usually we have our track and field day on Sunday, but we had it today instead!

All of the boys gathered on the A-field after they switched bunks in their cabins (we like giving everyone a chance to have a top bunk). Once they arrived campers cycled through three stations this morning: softball toss, running long jump and standing long jump. They traveled with their age groups: hilltop, lakeside and seniors. Each section voted on two team captains. We encourage the boys to vote for someone who is well motivated and supportive of everyone! Once the captains picked teams, the boys were off and running to their events! Hilltop started at the running long jump while lakeside was at the standing long jump. The seniors threw softballs that almost landed on the black top - all the way across the A-field! After each section completed all three events, our preliminaries for the 50 yard dash took place. Again each group battled it out against each other for a spot in the finals. We had to have a photo finish for many of the final races! 

We had the perfect lunch for a rather chilly day - lasagna! We also had salad and bread on the side. For dessert many of us had butterscotch pudding with whipped cream. After such an exhilarating morning we had many reports of campers napping during rest hour!

When the bell ending rest hour rang, many of the boys rushed up to the A-field for the marathon. Starting at the A-field, campers ran with their section along corduroy road and down the camp road, ending at the lakeside cabins. The Indian War Relay followed, a camp-wide race that involves every single camper! Two senior boys start running at the very top of the camp road, handing off the baton in relay form to about thirty campers until it reaches main dock. From there two sets of swimmers dive into the water and hand it off to the boaters. The boaters meet the canoes and the canoes meet more runners by Hungerford (the LT's home for this session). Making their way back to main camp, they hand off to two senior swimmers who race to the end! 

As it was a little chilly today, we decided to forgo a general swim and instead played games on the A-field. Or campers had the option to go fishing! Up at the A-field we played soccer, Kan Jam, basketball, knockout, and Spike Ball. A few lucky campers were able to go onto the ropes course!

Cookee bell rang shortly after and since it was kitchen staff's night off, we had a different way of sitting tonight. All of the counselors stayed at their respective cabin tables, while every camper split up so that no one was sitting with someone else from their cabin. Almost every camper mentioned how much they loved track and field, especially the Indian War Relay! We enjoyed a dinner of hotdogs, baby carrots and chips. And for dessert campers ate cookies and watermelon. After a rousing sing along the campers are on their way to the A-field to play a fun game of King Dodge! King Dodge is another form of dodgeball in which campers who "get out" go behind the other team and have a chance to get back in if they hit someone from behind with a dodgeball! 

Tomorrow we will continue our normal class schedule with hopes that the rain will hold off and it will warm up a bit!

~Taylor and Allissa